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Hail Storm 6/13

The skies over Minneapolis recently turned dark as a powerful hail storm swept through the area, leaving behind a trail of damage. Central Minnesota faced severe storms that brought not only heavy rain but also significant hail, strong winds, and even four tornadoes. June is known for its active weather patterns in the region, and this recent event underscores the importance of being prepared and knowing what to do when such storms hit.

Understanding the Impact of Hail Storms

Hail storms can cause extensive damage to homes, particularly to roofs. The severity of the damage often depends on the size and speed of the hailstones. In this recent storm, reports from Big Lake and Oak Grove indicated hailstones as large as golf balls. Such hailstones can dent, crack, or puncture roofing materials, leading to leaks and other problems.

Common Types of Roof Hail Damage

Roofs are especially vulnerable during hail storms. Here are some common types of roof hail damage homeowners might encounter:

  • Shingle Bruising Bruised shingles have dark spots and a spongy texture. This bruising compromises the shingle’s ability to protect your home.
  • Granule Loss Hail can knock granules off asphalt shingles, exposing the underlying material to UV damage and reducing the roof’s lifespan.
  • Cracks and Punctures Larger hailstones can crack or puncture shingles, creating direct paths for water to enter your home.

Immediate Steps Homeowners Should Take

When a hail storm hits, it’s crucial to act quickly to minimize damage and begin recovery. Here’s what you should do if your home has been affected by hail:

  1. Assess the Damage Once it’s safe, inspect your property for visible signs of damage. Take note of dents, cracks, and missing shingles.
  2. Document Everything Take photos and videos of the damage. This documentation will be essential for insurance claims and repair work.
  3. Check on Neighbors Ensure your community members are safe and assist if needed. Sharing experiences can also help identify any widespread issues.
hail storm damage in Minneapolis

Contacting Your Insurance Company

After assessing the damage, contact your insurance company to report the damage and begin the claims process. Provide them with the documentation you gathered, and ask about the next steps. An adjuster may be sent to evaluate the damage and determine the coverage for repairs.

The Importance of Timely Repairs

Addressing hail damage promptly is crucial to prevent further issues. Delaying repairs can lead to more significant problems like water leaks, mold growth, and structural damage. By acting quickly, you can protect your home and avoid costly future repairs.

Stay Prepared for Future Storms

Hail storms are a recurring threat in Minneapolis, especially during the active weather months of June and July. Here’s how you can stay prepared:

  • Regular Inspections Schedule regular roof inspections to identify and address potential weaknesses before storms occur.
  • Reinforce Your Home Consider upgrading to impact-resistant roofing materials and installing storm shutters for added protection.
  • Create an Emergency Kit Keep a kit with essentials like flashlights, batteries, and first aid supplies in case of power outages or injuries.

Building a Stronger Community

At Four Point Construction, we believe in the power of community. By working together and supporting one another, we can weather any storm. Join us in building a stronger, more resilient Minneapolis.